Jazz – Members Only

Jazz – Members Only


Jazz offers you incredible French fusion cuisine, located at the Presidential Suites.

Our Menu

Dress Code: Long Pants Required for Men.

*Not allergy-free, as our kitchens are not 100% gluten-free.

Traditional Baked Vegetables Seasoned with Fresh Herbs, Tomato Sauce, Gratin (optional)

Cream of Tomato a la Provençale
Organic Plum Tomato, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cheese Crostini

Lobster Bisque au Ricard
Organic Roasted Tomato, Seafood “Fumet” and Flambé with Anisette

Traditional Caesar Salad
Hearts of Romaine Lettuce, Fresh Plum Tomatoes; Drizzled with Caesar Dressing and Served with Crostini with Gruyere Cheese

Crepe aux Champignons
White Wine Reduction, Parsley, Bay Leaf, Bechemel or Tomato Sauce, Gruyere Cheese

French Style Seafood Stew, Chunk Tomatoes, Aromatic Herbs with Saffron infused

“Carre D’Agneau” with Dijon Mustard and Dark Chocolate Sauce
Served on a bed of Garlic Whipped Potatoes and Garnished with Caramelized Onions

Imported Filet Mignon
Haricot Vert with Roasted Almonds with Lemon Juice, French Fries topped with Béarnaise Sauce or Bourguignonne Sauce

Snapper Papillote
Steamed Marinated Snapper Served with Rice Gardiner, Pumpkin and Creamy Tarragon Sauce and Green Peas

“Pate a la Provençale”
Fettuccini Pasta with Mushroom, onions, Sun Dry Tomatoes Finished with Tomato Sauce and Fresh Herbs

Lentils Ragout
Spiced Sausage, Mirepoix, Thyme, Bay Leaf and Potato

Black & Blue
6 oz Angus Beef with Mozzarella Cheese, Caramelized Onions served with Spiced Potato Wedges

Pork an L’Orange
Boulangere Potatoes, Vegetables Tian and Glazed with Orange Sauce

Poulet Au Camembert
Oven Baked Breaded Chicken Breast, Cauliflower Sauce, Mixed Vegetables And Camembert Sauce

French Style Doughnuts Served with Chocolate Dipping Sauce and Powdered Sugar

Passion Fruit and Mango Mousse
A True Fusion of Dominican Republic & France; Made with Fresh local

Mixed Berries, White chocolate Gouache ad Dark Chocolate Pearls